Jinhee Wilde

Founding Partner of WA Law Group, LLC

A graduate of the University of Chicago with a B.A. in Sociology, Jinhee Wilde went on to receive her Doctor of Law (JD) from Loyola University in Chicago. Having spent the first decade of her legal career in Government, Jinhee is quick to tell you she has the mentality of a Government lawyer. Striving to anticipate and provide more than what the Government officials may be looking for, Jinhee Wilde has an almost 100% Approval track record in the hundreds of cases she’s handled throughout her career.

Based in Potomac, MD, Jinhee began her legal career and her political life in the same year, having started out as a prosecutor in Chicago and as an Asian Affairs Coordinator for the gubernatorial campaign for Adlai Stevenson, III. During that time, Jinhee’s goal was to help those who may not have the voice, power, or wherewithal to represent themselves.

During her 32 years of legal career, Jinhee had a diverse and unique background: as a corporate lawyer facilitating multi-million dollar, multinational transactions, as a government prosecutor/attorney, and now 17 years as an immigration lawyer focusing on business and investment immigration practices. Jinhee uniquely combines being a fierce advocate and personable adviser to her clients and brings her straight-forward, candid attitude throughout her personal and public life.

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