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It’s good to be able to be both a successful lawyer and a competent leader. Every law firm is in need of leaders to help the entire team move forward toward success. The problem is that lawyers are often not able to transition into traditional leadership mindsets easily. The general attitude and behavior of lawyers are sometimes at odds with how leaders operate.

Lawyers Are Trained to Be Skeptical

One complication to note right away is that lawyers are trained or taught to look at things with a skeptical eye. You need to see the holes in people’s stories and you want to examine things to get to the truth. However, this doesn’t always line up with how leaders need to operate. Leaders need to build trust with others so that they can motivate them.

In order to become a successful lawyer who is also a great leader, it’s going to be necessary to look at things in multiple ways. You can’t approach every situation and interaction with your “lawyer side.” If your personality is too legalistic in nature, then that can be off-putting and it can prevent you from being the leader that you want to be. Instead, you must learn to develop empathy while also approaching communication with others humbly.

Train Yourself to Be a Leader

Train yourself to be a leader by approaching things from a leadership mindset. Leaders need to inspire others so that they can keep moving forward. There are many ways to motivate others, such as leading by example, talking to people, showcasing your passion, and more. You also need to learn how to listen with empathy instead of just listening to how you would when gathering information for a case.

Truly, the biggest obstacle standing in the way of an average lawyer is approaching things from that legal mindset. Try to approach people with a desire to want to help them and move forward from there. The best leaders are resilient, dedicated, passionate, and positive. You can develop all of these qualities over time and they don’t have to clash with being a good lawyer.