Jinhee Wilde Empathy And Law

If you want to be the best lawyer that you can be, then it’s important to focus on the human element. There are many successful lawyers out there who forego the approach of worrying about profits. They make money, of course, but they’re more worried about being empathetic individuals who are there to help others. Read on to explore the benefits of being an empathetic lawyer.


Marketing is a lot easier if you have a history of being an empathetic lawyer. Empathetic lawyers get along better with their clients and they often wind up having better experiences. These clients will leave good reviews and they’ll also recommend you to their friends and family members. Marketing your law firm becomes much simpler when you’re truly passionate about helping others.

Working with Clients

Working with clients is easier and you get more out of the experience when you’re empathetic. Sometimes clients come to lawyers to get help with deeply personal issues and this requires a gentle touch. Lawyers who are empathetic will have an easier time relating to their clients and they’ll be able to take the best approaches to get things done. It can even make it easier to work with clients to get information for cases and to come up with strategies for court appearances.

Giving advice to your clients will always be easier if you have a more empathetic attitude. You have to try your best to see things from the client’s perspective. Some lawyers are naturally better at this than others but everyone can learn to be empathetic over time. Do your best to work on your emotional intelligence and you’ll surely find success.

Getting Better Results When Dealing with Adversaries

Lawyers also have to work with other lawyers from the other side to come to agreements sometimes. People with good emotional intelligence have easier times understanding what the other side wants. They can relate to people more easily and it makes coming to an agreement that much simpler. It’s very beneficial to work on becoming a more empathetic person no matter what way you look at it.